[OLUG] On backing up Windows with Linux

root lunatik at radiks.net
Sat Apr 29 02:25:34 UTC 2000

I have a few questions, both due to my 2 gig hard drive going toes-up a
few days ago :(

Windows was on the 2 gig, and Linux was on my 10. This was great because
whenever I needed to reinstall Windows (often) I just unplugged the 10
gig, since Windows 98SE won't install if Linux is present (bastards...).
But now I had to migrate my system over to the 10 gig exclusively, so
I'm pretty much in the same situation as mesc was. I want to create an
image of my Windows partition, now that everything just freshly
installed and working, and then burn the image to cd. Unfortunately, the
Windows partition is just over a gig, and I don't feel like breaking it
up and using two or three discs. My question is: if I use mkisofs to
create an image, and I use this to restore my Windows install, will it
be bootable?

Secondly, my 2 gig isn't any good now because sector 1 went bad. But I'm
wondering, could I still use it for storage if my mbr is on another
disk? Or does the Fat/Inode block info need to be written to sector 1?

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