[OLUG] Meeting - Place to Meet

Paul T. McNally nally at radiks.net
Wed Apr 26 23:56:24 UTC 2000

I don't think we can hold our meeting this Sunday
because we have no place to meet. I hope to have
a place for 5-7. We can have an Installfest. I'd
like to invite all the members on this list who
have not attended an OLUG meeting. I've talked
to several of you in the past and understand the
many reasons for not attending. Don't let those
reasons keep you from attending. One of the main
reasons for OLUG's existence is to help anyone at
any level of expertise. You can't become a guru
if you don't take the first steps and continue
taking steps (okay not everyone wants to be a guru).
OLUG needs you.

Future meetings are slated to have Vincent Raffensberger
walk us through a raid setup or two, and the next month,
Daniel Pfile and I going through the web development
program calle Zope. If you want an early jump on
Zope check out the website:


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