[OLUG] will LRP do it?

absynthetic absynthetic at home.com
Mon Apr 10 05:34:22 UTC 2000

Vincent wrote:

> I would like to use Linux Router Project (or something similar) to replace a
> cisco 2611 router.

The LRP works great.  For your specific needs, i would address the LRP mailing
list, info of which  can be found at http://lrp/c0wz.com
I have heard claims that they beat the cisco router out.  I personally use LRP
on a 486-66 with my @home cable modem.  Cool project.  I have set up another
for my parents SOHO on a p75 on their cable modem.  For person to person info
you can point your irc client to irc.linux.org and got to #lrp.  hopefully
someone there can be of help, its usually busier around the evenings when
people are home from school or work, but some helpful network administrators
can help you during the day or morning.  hope that helps.

Eric R. Anderson
absynthetic at home.com

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