[OLUG] Caution to @home users

David A Davidson da-davidson at home.com
Sun Apr 9 03:59:08 UTC 2000

Note that rerouting also works for ad supported software. If you're
using gozilla,
cuteftp or any other free oops!, ad supported software you can use the
rerouting functions. Simply use netstat or some other network monitoring
and find out where the site is the ad supported software is download the
from, then create a small batch file to remove the advertising

My real concern though is that @home seems like its going to try and
stop anyone
from using a server even if the server is not actually serving anything
other than its online and active. Its seems to be yet another attempt by
the system from letting people use linux for their computing pleasure.
Simply trying to close down computers
because it has SMTP capabilities is no reason to try and prevent people
using servers regardless of their definition of what a server is.

>         You rock.  Lemme understand this, all packets destined for
> will be routed through localhost, and hence lost?  So all replies from

> that addy are thus "sent to vortex?"
> _chris
> brian at bstc.net wrote:
>> 1 liner cure for this invasion:
>> route add -host gw
>> Brian Roberson
>> brian at bstc.net

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