[OLUG] [OT] Jumper on motherboard

ktb xyf at peoplepc.com
Fri Apr 7 00:55:27 UTC 2000

I'm hoping there is someone out there that can give me some direction here.
I just got off the phone (on hold for 1/2 hour) Toshiba can't tell me which
jumper to pull to disable the graphics so I can install a video card.  They
gave me a number in Omaha and it is a 1-900 number.  Maybe I will have to
bite the bullet and pay for tech support on this one but it seems crazy to
me that information about the motherboard isn't out on the net somewhere.
The computer is a Toshiba v3100 with intel 810 chipset, the motherboard I'm
not entirely sure what it is.  I can't see any make or model.  A few serial
numbers.  Anyway there seems to be only a couple jumpers that might do the
job.  This is what the "label" says on the motherboard:

On Board  | JP2 | JP1|
CODEC    |        |      |
Enabled     | 1-2 | on |
Disable      | 2-3 | off |

The jumpers themselves: JP1 has two posts and JP2 has three and the jumper
is on the two on the left.  Am I close here?  Any help would be appreciated.

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