[OLUG] One word ----- Guilty!

Ryan Daniel macprogrammer at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 14:44:19 UTC 2000

Considering how poorly windows works, maybe algore actually
did invent the thing.

> > Let the lawyers feast from the wounds of battle!!
> > 
> > Maybe the damn arrogant smug will now disappear from the Mickeysoft geeks
> > faces.
> The smug was seen cavorting with our "elected" "representatives"
> today in Washington.
> Maybe Bill Gates is now getting leniency in trade for letting Al
> Gore take credit for inventing Windows and desktop computing as
> we know it. We know the Windows has put desktop computing back
> years in development for the masses, but the masses don't know it.
> They won't know that Gore did not invent computers, eventually.

Ryan Daniel
macprogrammer at yahoo.com

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