[OLUG] lilo

Chris Garrity m0ntar3 at home.com
Tue Apr 4 21:30:26 UTC 2000

	If you can boot, then just run 'lilo' as root.  If you're stuck at the
'Boot:' prompt, you need to specify the parition where your root
directory is located.  Something like:

	Boot: linux single root=/dev/hdXX initrd=

	Wil get into run level one, where you can rerun lilo and reboot.


Nathan Brown wrote:
> can somone tell me how to setup lilo on a system that is running.
> I had to reinstall windows 98 into it's partition. When I did that
> windows wiped out my use to be lilo.
> I have a boot disk but I don't know the command to get to lilo to set it
> up again.
> thanks
> Nate

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