[OLUG] Red Hat Breaks With Linus Torvalds Roadmap <MaximumPc>

Daniel Pfile pfiled at marietta.edu
Tue Nov 16 02:26:23 UTC 1999

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Vincent Raffensberger wrote:

> John Kennedy wrote:
> > 
> > Hey,
> > 
> >    What do you all think about this?
> > 
> >    I'm thinking this is all VERY bad.  Distros are one thing, but now
> > we're
> > talking about the kernel itself...
> I don't see anythink wrong with it.  You may want to note that Linus
> hasn't made a comment and that Reiser's journaling filesystem wasn't due
> out until next year.  It's not proprietary or anything, just open source
> as usual.  I've been meaning to tinker with it on a spare drive.  I
> don't think the "roadmap" was meant as a rulebook, just an indication of
> what to expect in the future.  These people (maximum-pc) are just
> looking for some attention.  Turbo-Linux has been doing a lot of stuff
> w/clustering that's not standard kernel issue stuff.  It all will be
> soon though.

I think alot of linux distros are doing this, I'd love to see a journeling
filesystem, although sgi's looks like it will have the best support, not
really sure why rh is going off like this so soon with so little of the
linux community reviewing what's available. Guess that they're big now and
they can speak for us. RH needs to realize they can be replaced, very very
quickly, their product is based on smoke and mirrors, anybody can rip them
off, and other people can do the same thing only better. I'm a debian man
myself, when I talk to people and tell them why I prefer debian over
redhat they usually take my word for it. People aren't swayed by corperate
hype to much on this side of the fence, if we were I'd be running NT.

As to the ram, according to the linux-kernel list, 4 gig mem patches are
pretty stable. There are 64 gig patches out there that are NOT. See:
http://kt.linuxcare.com/kt19991101_41.html#4 for details.

We all already know linux boots on IA-64, although I'm sure it's not
stable yet. I'm kind of worried about what kind of harm RH will do to the
community by releasing devel kernels (like they did with 6.0 as i
recall). The already release their software with alot of flaws, and help
contribute to things being harder than they should (the glibc switchover
for example). Oh well, I'm on a soapbox, I don't hate redhat, I just don't
like the corperate tatics.

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> > Subject: Red Hat Breaks With Linus Torvalds Roadmap <MaximumPc>
> > 
> > Red Hat Breaks With
> > Linus Torvalds' Roadmap
> > 
> > By adding a journaling file system to help Linux recover from crashes
> > better, Red Hat is breaking from the roadmap the alternate OS's creator
> > outlined at LinuxWorld in August.
> > 
> > Red Hat also plans to add more memory support and compatibility with
> > Intel's impending IA-64 CPU. Torvalds didn't see these sort of high-end
> > features being implemented until the second half of 2000. Redhat has not
> > announced a release date for the kernel upgrade.
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