[OLUG] Red Hat Breaks With Linus Torvalds Roadmap <MaximumPc>

John Kennedy jkennedy at orent.com
Mon Nov 15 22:59:13 UTC 1999


   What do you all think about this?

   I'm thinking this is all VERY bad.  Distros are one thing, but now
talking about the kernel itself...

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Subject: Red Hat Breaks With Linus Torvalds Roadmap <MaximumPc>

Red Hat Breaks With
Linus Torvalds' Roadmap

By adding a journaling file system to help Linux recover from crashes
better, Red Hat is breaking from the roadmap the alternate OS's creator
outlined at LinuxWorld in August.

Red Hat also plans to add more memory support and compatibility with
Intel's impending IA-64 CPU. Torvalds didn't see these sort of high-end
features being implemented until the second half of 2000. Redhat has not
announced a release date for the kernel upgrade.

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