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I think Pin Point is managing that space. Thats whom I've talked to about  
theres a larger area there thats full at the moment, they are trying to  
populate the 2nd floor space at this time. its ok tier2 space and Pin Point  
has their own OC48 with DWDM there and is very reasonable with backhaul  
people with towers are most likley not gonna be able to colo there at least  
at first from a cost perspective.

I've got some money saved up, and some gear ready.

I've been snooping around 13th and Mason where the Global Crossing POP is  
at also looking for a small warehouse/commercial space spot, and looking to  
see if aerial fiber would be an option. Theres something really attractive  
about that to me for some reason.

My holdup is still proving to ARIN that I have so many IPs already in use  
by my "upstream provider" so I can get my allocations, and of course lack  
of brute force cash :)

On May 11, 2010 8:24pm, Dan Clough <dan at miniarpa.net> wrote:
> Yes, that has been the main attraction to STC. But with the per-rack  
> pricing also comes a hefty initial cost as we try to fill that space and  
> recover those costs.

> A few list members have contacted the STC and gotten deals worked out,  
> but I haven't heard of any success in getting space set up.

> Dan

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> I wasn't aware that the Scott Technology park had a Data Center.

> Anyone familiar with the place? Pricing? They seem to dole space out

> by the rack.

> Second, with simple and quick 1U servers (off-lease) being ~$99 at

> PacificGeek, I'd love to get my hands on some sort of space, and dump

> my Linode.

> -Dave

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