[olug-colo] New Website

Dan Clough dan at miniarpa.net
Sun Mar 7 15:00:23 EST 2010

Here's a quick update on our website situation.

I've taken control of the website and two domain names, omahaix.com and 
.net.  They're both hosted on my DNS servers and the site is hosted on 
one of my servers.  I've got a basic site up right now, and I welcome 
comments and suggestions regarding it.

The purpose of the website as I see it at this point is to get our name 
out there and perhaps garner some support for the cause.  Also, it'll 
give us a handy URL to give to anybody we talk to about contracts and 
such so we can prove that we're not just wasting their time, but are 
actually putting effort into setting this thing up.

I'll admit I'm not very good at PR stuff, so if somebody wants to write 
up an "About" article or content for any other pages we might need, feel 
free to do so and I'll just paste it into the site template.


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