[olug-colo] I'm signing a contract in less than 60 days

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Mon Feb 1 01:53:08 EST 2010

On Sunday 31 January 2010 09:45:08 pm Charles Bird wrote:
> Let me know if this sounds good to you all or not, I figured it would be of
> a lower cost to all, and speaking of cost, this should be below 50.00 per U
> for everything. :)

Unless I'm missing something, that's rather expensive... I currently pay 
$30/mo for a decent dedicated server (eg, I don't need to provide the 
equipment myself) on a good connection.

I am, however, looking into moving one of my servers within the next 2 weeks. 
It currently has 10 IPv4 addresses in use, and would probably need a few more 
in the near future (at least). It also is home to a couple of IRC bots (all on 
FreeNode, I *think*, so not as much a DDoS risk; can probably be isolated to 
IPv6-only), so that may be another factor to consider if the service providers 
involved have any IRC policies.


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