[olug-colo] Meeting

Charles.Bird charles.bird at powerdnn.com
Mon Nov 16 12:22:33 EST 2009

Should we do a joint physical meeting with a conf bridge as well for those
that may not be able to appear?

Things I'd like to share/present is pricing for different facilities in the
metro, mainly Pinpoint and Cosentry
Pricing includes cabinet, power, bandwidth, and badges for physical access.

As a part of this I also made several calculations of what it would cost to
run our own small server room in a leased space with a lit building.

Also, I have access to wholesale pricing and carrier provided tools(online)
to check specific buildings in north america to see if they are serviced via
a particular carrier.

I am also curious to see who is still interested in having some equipment
operating with Olug-Colo / OmahaIX as this may be a deciding factor as to
what direction we take.

I'll be resurrecting my PBX this week and adding funds to Vitelity, I'll be
able to bring up a conf bridge for anyone that would like to participate

So this puts us back where we were...when we wanna do this?
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