[olug-colo] Level3 Service Addresses in Omaha

Dan Clough dan at miniarpa.net
Tue Nov 10 14:13:22 EST 2009

That's just for transport to the Equinix facility, correct?  Because if 
I recall correctly HE.net has fiber going into Equinix Chicago (or if 
not there, another facility) and HE.net does $2/Mbps IPv6/IPv4/BGP on 
GigE commits.

As for physical location, I know we looked pretty hard at our own 
physical location, but it almost sounds smarter from an infrastructure 
perspective to just suck it up and take the higher $/sq.ft. rates to get:

   1. A room in an established facility with established NCPI, or
   2. A cage in an established server room in said established facility
      with said established NCPI

I see that Level3 laid fiber to the CoSentry/DTN offices at 9110 W. 
Dodge, but do they also light up the Bellevue location or is that just a 
Pinpoint backhaul?


Charles.Bird wrote:
> oh, ya, these addresses are buildings with Level3, so, DTN, 
> infocrossing etc is on that list. Some of these buildings have space 
> for lease within them in the event that we would still like to have 
> our own space. Otherwise, I'm just about to get wholesale pricing for 
> two facilities in town here for pretty darn cheap, and we could pipe 
> in our BW from Farnam. Depending on transport costs, and other 
> variables, Level3 pricing should be below 13USD per Mbps at any of 
> these locations.
> I also checked on pricing for 10GbE transport to Equinix in Chicago, I 
> can do well under 15K, which isnt for the colo project right now, but 
> though it was amazing and thus worth mentioning.
>     *snip*
>     2201 FARNAM ST
>     9110 W DODGE RD
>     11707 MIRACLE HILLS DR
>     1125 S 103RD ST
>     118 S 19TH ST
>     902 N  91ST PLZ
>     1300 MASON ST
>     1304 MASON ST
>     6823 GROVER ST
>     1110 S 67TH ST

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