[olug-colo] Level3 Service Addresses in Omaha

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oh, ya, these addresses are buildings with Level3, so, DTN, infocrossing etc
is on that list. Some of these buildings have space for lease within them in
the event that we would still like to have our own space. Otherwise, I'm
just about to get wholesale pricing for two facilities in town here for
pretty darn cheap, and we could pipe in our BW from Farnam. Depending on
transport costs, and other variables, Level3 pricing should be below 13USD
per Mbps at any of these locations.

I also checked on pricing for 10GbE transport to Equinix in Chicago, I can
do well under 15K, which isnt for the colo project right now, but though it
was amazing and thus worth mentioning.

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 12:04 PM, <charles.bird at powerdnn.com> wrote:

> Yes, I can get cogent type of pricing from just about anyone in town except
> cox/qwest
> Ill refrain from expressing my opinons on cox and qwest both :)
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> 11707 Miracle Hills... that's where Infocrossing is located if my memory
> and a double-check from Google serves me right.
> Isn't that also (formerly) home to a Level(3) subsidiary?  The name escapes
> me right now but I know there was an arm of Level(3) in that neighboorhood
> providing the exact same IT outsourcing that Infocrossing now does.
> Nice job on getting the in with L3.  Does that entitle us to better rates?
>  Cogent-competitive rates?  ;)
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> Heres some buildings with service from Level3 here in Omaha.
> I'm now a Level3 partner/wholesaler :o)
> 2201 FARNAM ST
> 9110 W DODGE RD
> 1125 S 103RD ST
> 118 S 19TH ST
> 902 N  91ST PLZ
> 1300 MASON ST
> 1304 MASON ST
> 6823 GROVER ST
> 1110 S 67TH ST
> Charles
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