[olug-colo] 11111 M fiber located

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Wow.   I really hope we can get Cox's backhaul to Farnam.  That's a nice quote for the PTP, it looks like they have a base price and then add on a per-mbps rate.

It's not as cheap as we hoped for but it's definitely a great deal for this market. Now we need to talk to the agent for 11111 M St and make sure we can actually get that room.

Who's good with real estate?
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OK, I talked to Cox.
yes, it is indeed their fiber there at M Street.

For cox bandwidth20/20(transit and transport) its about 2500 ish, and 40/40
is about 4000 per month.

I asked about having Cox as just a transport, PTP from M Street to Farnam
and the cost is 20/20 810.25 per site(1620.50) and for 40/40 its about 975
for each site. 100Mb is 1200-something for each site.

I think the pricing for M street combined with cox's pricing is going to be
about as good as it gets.

Next step in the Cox process is to talk with their sales guy and one of
their engineers.
Sales guy says we can do a conf call, or setup a meeting somewhere(i think
they like to drink)

If anyone wants in on the meeting, please let me know.


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> Did you get a peak at the downstairs room, or are you just lurking outside?
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> I'm at 11111 M right now, they have cox fiber in the building already.
> There's a lil genset as well.
> Charles
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