[olug-colo] Security services

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Fri Jun 5 16:43:24 EDT 2009

He described what I can only summarise as "Webhosting++":

[13:50:56] <alexpgates> Can anyone recommend an alternative to Dreamhost for a 
design firm in Omaha? A local hosting company would be ideal... but we are 
open to anything. We aren't unix admins... we just need something reliable 
that allows us to do simple things like ssh, run soem cron jobs, etc.... 
something that will grow as we grow. Any suggestions?
[13:53:50] <luke-jr> alexpgates: sounds like you want a managed VPS
[13:53:53] <luke-jr> which isn't cheap
[13:54:34] <alexpgates> a managed VPS sounds great.... define "isn't cheap"
[13:56:40] <alexpgates> we just switched to a dreamhost vps - terrible 
[13:57:05] <TC-jmhobbs> I know that aplus has a managed VPS type thing, can't 
attest to it though.
[13:57:28] <luke-jr> alexpgates: a managed VPS including Apache management 
from me is $61/mo at the cheapest
[13:58:00] <luke-jr> http://lightfoot.dashjr.org/?page=vps
[14:01:48] <luke-jr> alexpgates: might want to just wait for the OLUG 
datacenter to start
[14:02:14] <luke-jr> we can probably get OLUG guys a better deal that way
[14:03:10] <alexpgates> luke-jr: your prices are very reasonable....  when is 
the datacenter going to be available?
[14:03:30] <luke-jr> a few of the guys checked out a location on M St the 
other day, not sure what the results are
[14:04:47] <alexpgates> we don't mind paying more... because we aren't 
equipped for "Software upgrades, security, and similar proactive services" 
being our responsibility.

On Friday 05 June 2009 02:12:19 pm Curtis LaMasters wrote:
> What security does he need (IDS, IPS, IPTables, etc?).  I could
> probably accommodate.
> Curtis LaMasters
> http://www.curtis-lamasters.com
> http://www.builtnetworks.com
> On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 2:10 PM, Luke-Jr<luke at dashjr.org> wrote:
> > A guy in #OmahaLUG is looking for managed VPS hosting, but he needs
> > proper server security to be included in the management. That's really
> > not my area; is anyone here a security expert and willing to sell support
> > for a VPS? Depending on how far off we are from the actual colo (how did
> > the tour go?), I can get him setup on one of my remote VPS hosts and
> > migrate when we open.
> >
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