[olug-colo] Suggestions for Official E-mail

Dan Clough dclough at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 17:53:30 EDT 2009

You're right to be concerned with the ability to become independent
when it comes to those services, but I think in the meantime Google
Apps will be the easiest to manage.  When it comes time to move
everything in-house we'll just set up our own mailserver and ditch

Who would like to manage our Google Apps instance?  If no one else
wants to, I have experience with it and I'll volunteer.

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Luke-Jr <luke at dashjr.org> wrote:
> On Monday 27 April 2009 10:13:21 am Dan Clough wrote:
>> I use Google Apps for my personal domain and I love the availability
>> and the extra features like Chat, shared documents, shared calendars,
>> etc.  I think using someone's webhosting account would cause undue
>> strain if we had to switch at any point.
> My only concern is that we would probably want to host our own stuff in the
> datacenter someday... which you can't do with proprietary services like Google
> Apps. Either way, I'll probably just set it up to forward to my main account,
> so it really doesn't matter much to me.
> Luke
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