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Speaking of transport, I saw a 60Ghz unlicensed PTP system, 100Mb full duplex, it was pretty cheap, about 3/4 mile range. Ill be looking around for unlicesed systems with a bit more range.  Ill also start checking more facilities.

Speaking of, I have some approx figures for a 42U usable cabinet, 4 20A power and 100 Mb dedicated(cogent transit assuming 8usd per Mb, pinpoint transport) for total of 2700ish per month, about a grand cheaper than I thought. Its cosentry based cabinet.

I go passout now, finally finished firmware upgrades and configs on 2960s

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A question came up at the meeting with regards to the maximum speeds
allowed by DOCSIS.

DOCSIS 2.0 allows a maximum of 38Mbit down and 27Mbit up

DOCSIS 3.0 will allow either 152Mbit (4 bonded NTSC channels) or 304Mbit
(8 bonded NTSC channels) down and 108 Mbit up


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