[olug-colo] The Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Phil Brutsche phil at brutsche.us
Mon Apr 6 18:15:19 EDT 2009

IOS vs CatOS makes no difference to me. If it made a difference to me I
would not have mentioned it.

BTW You don't need a SupII+ to run IOS, a Supervisor III will do just
fine. I have several Catalyst 4006 chassis, Supervisor IIIs and 10/100
line cards. No GBIC line cards though.

Dan Clough wrote:
> Sounds good.
> Although, if you prefer working with IOS, we could replace that 4912G
> with a Catalyst 4000.  As you definitely know, the 4000s/4500s with
> the SupII+ modules and up all run IOS.  If we can snag a 4000 with IOS
> and get the GBIC modules we would have a nice L3-capable distribution
> setup.
> If space allows we'll most likely stick the router and distribution
> switches in a two-post to save precious rackspace.  This will allow us
> to move up to the bigger, more expandable setups like the 4000s and
> make the networking kit more accessible.


Phil Brutsche
phil at brutsche.us

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