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Dan Clough dclough at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 15:53:26 EDT 2009

Those 4912G's look great.  As long as it's light on space it will do
the trick.  Ten distribution lines to the ten racks is all we'll
really need for quite a while.  When we get to the point where 24Gbps
of switching capacity just isn't cutting it and we're overloading the
switch, I'd think we'd have enough money on hand to beef up the
network considerably. ;)

Would it be too complex or unfeasible at this point to consider a
redundant network setup?  IE, main router feeding dual 4912G's, in
turn feeding both GBIC slots on the edge switches?

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 2:05 PM, Phil Brutsche <phil at brutsche.us> wrote:
> Thinking about it some more a WS-C4912G might be better for our needs.
> It's CatOS, not IOS, but it as 12 GBIC slots and costs less than the
> other options below.
> Phil Brutsche wrote:
>> We can always purchase a WS-C3508G-XL-EN or a WS-C3550-12G later.
>> I will add the inventory list to the forums when I am finished.
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