[olug-colo] The Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Phil Brutsche phil at brutsche.us
Sun Apr 5 22:46:46 EDT 2009

6to4 is a variety of IPv6-in-IP tunnel; you send IP-encapsulated IPv6
packets via an anycast address instead of sending IP-encapsulated IPv6
packets via a particular IP in a particular datacenter.

We also need to consider the AUP of whatever tunnel broker we use. I
can't find one for Hurricane Electric (is there another that services
NA?), but it's perfectly conceivable that another broker could object to
what amounts to a service provider using their service to provide IPv6
to our membership.

Luke-Jr wrote:
> Tunnels are far less than ideal. We could just as easily setup one of the IPv4 
> address's 6to4 blocks, that way we get the most BGP-direct route possible...
> If you're not aware of 6to4, it works like this:


Phil Brutsche
phil at brutsche.us

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