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Dan Clough dclough at gmail.com
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I heard from a few other colo providers and industry pros that Cogent doesn't have IPv6 blocks.  For the sake of preparing for worst-case, I'll assume they don't until my rep replies with an answer to that question.

What's stopping us from getting a direct allocation is an ASN and we'd have to get Cogent to announce our prefix, and if I recall correctly IPv6 allocations are more expensive than v4.  I think 6to4 should really only be a method of last resort.
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On Sunday 05 April 2009 06:00:10 pm Dan Clough wrote:
> Cogent doesn't offer IPv6 at the moment,

How can they *not* offer IPv6? Are they filtering our traffic?
What's stopping us from just asking ARPA for an IPv6 subnet and using it?

> however we can get a tunnel from HE.net which can be opened on our router
> and provide IPv6.

Tunnels are far less than ideal. We could just as easily setup one of the IPv4 
address's 6to4 blocks, that way we get the most BGP-direct route possible...
If you're not aware of 6to4, it works like this:
For every IPv4 address aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd, there is a matching IPv6 subnet 
2002:aabbccdd::/24 assigned and automatically routed to the same destination 
(with an IPv4 wrapper around the packet, to get past any non-IPv6-aware 
routers). Thus, if your IP address is, packets sent to 
2002:0403:0201::1 will arrive at your system, even if your ISP is IPv6 

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