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Cogent doesn't offer IPv6 at the moment, however we can get a tunnel from HE.net which can be opened on our router and provide IPv6.  I think it would be a great added benefit to our clients, so I'd like as much IPv6 compatibility as possible.  I think your idea of connecting all the switches to one core switch is the best idea.  How many fiber ports do the 1U switches support?
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I plan on getting the exact list I have available tomorrow.

I prefer the use of Cisco 2950 switches due to:
a) I have more 2950s (exact model number is WS-C2950G-48 EI) than
3548XLs and therefore can provide numerous spares
b) 3524XL and 3548XL switches are gaining a reputation of dying with bad

My plan was to put a 1U 48-port switch at the top of each rack and
either daisy chain them via fiber gigabit or connect them to a 3508XL
fiber switch.

If we want to go the modular chassis route I also have quite a bit of
Catalyst 4000 gear available: Catalyst 4006 chassis, 48-port 10/100 line
cards, and Supervisor III L3 switching engines. All I need to get them
running are power supplies, and I can get those easily enough.

I don't know if we're going to offer IPv6 - hopefully the ISP we choose
offers it - but if we do I have a number of 2600s, 2600XMs, 3620s, and
3640s available; none of the L3 switches I have available support IPv6.

Brian Roberson wrote:
> Infrastructure:
>  - Between Phil & I, we can cover the initial investments of all routing
> and switching hardware. (we will stick with Cisco gear for this)


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