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Brian Roberson roberson at bstc.net
Sun Apr 5 16:57:11 EDT 2009

I think that is a good idea, We should be focussed on a few other topics for
now, just shooting from the hip:
  - Renting a suite?
  - Renting a cage?
  - Renting an office?

Speed and Feeds:
  - Pinpoint? Cox? Others?
  - initial pipe size - 5Mb? 10Mb?
  - Preferably ethernet handoff?

 - Need a baseline of costs for initial door opening
 - Space cost (Cage or suite or building)
 - Connectivity costs ( initial internet access )

 - Between Phil & I, we can cover the initial investments of all routing and
switching hardware. (we will stick with Cisco gear for this)
 - IDS/IPS : IDS will be placed on furthest egress point, IDS only, using
 - QOS should be done on a per Ethernet port basis to ensure outbound
traffic is limited(mls qos shaping)
 - per-port traffic metrics will be stored in either RRD's or raw SQL using
netflow collectors (plenty of FOSS tools for this, such as
 - Build front/backend tools to manage shared services and membership
      -  shared DNS
      -  VPS/XEN allocation/creation
      -  webhosting
      -  billing tools
      - reporting interfaces (traffic, services, etc.)

That is a way short list, but I think everyone see's the scale here :-) I
think we should probably break-up into working groups, and start a weekly
"all-hands" meeting to discuss progress. Wednesdays either a lunch meeting
or after 5:30 works for me. I can find space with a white board and internet
access for sure

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 3:26 PM, Dan Clough <dclough at gmail.com> wrote:

> The worry was regarding someone else not being stationary.  With the
> housing market the way it is, I'll be here for a long, long, long
> time.
> Regarding the zoning laws, that's true and an oversight on my part.
> Here are the potential solutions:
> 1) List our registered office as the actual datacenter (with the
> permission of Pinpoint/STC)
> 2) Use a PO box (Questionable legality)
> 3) List our RO at the AIM institute (with the permission of the AIM
> institute)
>  Shall we hold off on the rest of the legal process until after
> meeting with AIM's general counsel?
> On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Luke-Jr <luke at dashjr.org> wrote:
> > On Sunday 05 April 2009 02:48:55 pm Dan Clough wrote:
> >> I've attached the Articles to this email, feel free to read over them.
> >>  If everyone approves I'll drop them off at the courthouse sometime
> >> this week.
> >
> > Weren't we going to use some other address for the corp to avoid filing
> every
> > time you move? Or was that someone else that isn't stationary...?
> >
> > Also, might want to verify that there won't be zoning problems with
> > registering an address there.
> >
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