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Currently we're planning on putting up a few servers, one to serve as a general webhosting server for people who just need websites, and one or two VPS nodes for those who need root access but don't have or can't afford a dedicated machine.  Having you on board to help handle the VPS side of things would be wonderful, we need all the help we can get.

It sounds like we're good on cabinets at the moment, thanks for volunteering yours though.

I got to thinking, and depending on the size of the cage a two-post might be necessary for the router and switches if we're going to have more than a few U worth of them.

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Resending here, for the archives and anyone who might have missed it on the 
main OLUG thread...


I have a full height server rack that could be used. Also a PowerEdge 6400 (2x
512 MHz) that I use for family email, website, etc. It's setup for OpenVZ,
though I haven't actually used it on that machine yet.

I currently have my own just-me game and VPS hosting company using dedis in 
Texas, Connecticut, and London. Is the scope of this project merely 
colocation, or maybe we should offer VPS hosting as well? ;)

As far as bandwidth management, something to consider might be agreeing to set 
reasonable QoS flags, and having a router that honours them. So any bulk 
transfer would get flagged as low-priority while VoIP type stuff could be 
flagged as minimize-latency.


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